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Debian KDE: Performance, Comfort and Stability

Debian KDE Live left very good impression on me. This Operating System is very responsive and quick, even when DVD operations are involved. Running from USB, it was a flash.

Debian KDE Live is very well suited system for user who wants to have powerful OS ready-to-use on any computer. It is well equipped with most instruments for everyday use which average user may need.

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Meeting the KDesktop from Alt Linux

What do you know about Russia? Vodka? Bears on the streets? Siberia? Any more stereotypes? Let me give you another one: Linux. Yes, Linux! There are people in Russia, there are computers in Russia, and of course there is Linux! I have written about at least 3 Russian Linux distributions already: Simply Linux, Alt Linux […]

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Seven Things to do after Installing Bodhi Linux

So you’ve taken the plunge and opted to install Bodhi Linux. Perhaps you read a recent review or one of the screen shots in our gallery caught your eye. Either way you’ve got a newly installed system and you might be wondering what exactly to do next. The following are seven things that are a […]

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That Whole Windows 8 Secure Boot Ruckus

It was recently announced that Windows 8 would support a shiny new feature that is known as “secure boot”. In case you have been living with your head under a technological rock for the last couple of weeks, this feature would allow hardware vendors would have the option of only allowing operating systems signed with […]

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The State of Linux on ARM

Linux was designed to be a platform with freedom in mind. This freedom created in the computer industry something all humans should have – the power of choice. ARM is often touted as one of Linux’s largest successes. Thanks to Google’s Android platform it is true that a penguin powers at least half of the world’s mobile […]

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openSUSE & India

Well recently we had a huge discussions at the conference about how openSUSE was faring in India and it seemed that India was not faring well. I must say it seemed. So I think I must reput everything what we have done from last December so that we all know that we are doind saw […]

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libYUI Ported

As most of you reading this post would know, separating libYUI was one of the topics for GSoC 2011 by openSUSE. Over the last three months, a lot of work has gone into the project. As the deadline approaches, we am happy to announce that libYUI is an independent framework! Let me summarize the changes […]

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Arch Linux / Windows Dual Boot – Time Problems

I just installed windows for some testing purposes on my machine. Of course as dual boot. And i found out that the clock goes wrong every time i switch between Arch Linux and Windows. There are tww ways to fix this problem: Set Arch Linux to local time and remove hwclock from the DAEMONS array in /etc/rc.conf (Windows […]

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Does The Linux Community Need Corruption?

There is no secret that Mandriva as a company was on the brink of bankruptcy not so long ago. It was a good time for some external investors to take over the company. And there were such investors. Investment fund NGI bought a stake in Mandriva. Since then, things have changed in the company. Let’s look at […]

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