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Netbeans: JVM creation failed

Netbeans seems to have a problem if your 64 bit system has more than 4 GB RAM. Obviously it can’t address the memory and quits with “JVM creation failed”. The solution is very easy. Just go to the netbeans.conf file. On Linux this is typically in the /etc directory. On Windows you have a folder […]

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Multimedia support for Scientific Linux 6, / RHEL 6

I just tried out Scientific Linux 6 on my home machine. Scientific Linux is a customized and unbranded Red Hat Enterprise Linux made by CERN and Fermilab. Therefore it’s very stable and made to work. But even for working it’s nice to play mp3 music oder view mpeg films. To do so you have to enable […]

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Arch Linux / Windows Dual Boot – Time Problems

I just installed windows for some testing purposes on my machine. Of course as dual boot. And i found out that the clock goes wrong every time i switch between Arch Linux and Windows. There are tww ways to fix this problem: Set Arch Linux to local time and remove hwclock from the DAEMONS array in /etc/rc.conf (Windows […]

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