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You may have read an article on Linux notes from DarkDuck that was published a week ago. If not, I’ll remind you in short. Due to some side-effects of Linux operating systems’ testing and reviews I decided to put that part of my life aside for the timebeing. There are some other personal reasons for […]

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Data Destroyer, Testdisk, Boot-repair and Windows7

My dear readers know that Linux notes from DarkDuck is a blog mostly for reviewing Live versions Linux operating systems. Running these versions Live means I need to create Live DVD or Live USB with the disk image to boot from. What is the most popular tool for creation of Live USB? Many of you would […]

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Top 7 Photo Editing Software programs for Linux

Although Microsoft Windows is a hugely popular computer OS, many people still do use Linux systems and devices. If you love photography, and own a Linux device, fear not – there is a myriad of photo editing programs available that can transform your snaps from “ok” to “outstanding” in a matter of seconds! Photo editing […]

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