Archive | January, 2012

Linux for migrants: Zorin OS

Some Linux distributions try to find their own way in arrangement of the user desktop. Take, for example, Ubuntu with Unity. Whatever is your opinion about this Desktop Environment, you can’t deny that it brought some fresh ideas as to how to organize the user’s desktop. At the other pole are Linux distros which intentionally […]

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Three Great Linux Gaming Services/Applications

Today I would like to take a moment to talk about three different ways to get access to some great games on your Linux PC. They are DJL, Desura and Gameoltih. DJL – DJL is an installable application that manages various games you can install from their repository. Their repository currently contains over 120 games […]

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Geek-in-Pink: When I installed Mandrake on my computer, my boyfriend was not happy at all.

I have been using Linux for 6 years. My boyfriend at that time had a set of Mandrake CDs. He wanted to install Linux but couldn’t figure out the hard drive partitioning. The way he and my best friend described Linux was that it was a power user’s system and very easy to tweak. I had already been tearing Windows apart and modifying it to suit my fancy. So one day I got the Mandrake CDs and installed Mandrake on my computer. My boyfriend was not happy at all…

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