Archive | December, 2011

Customizing GNOME3

GNOME3 and the GNOME Shell are no doubt, major improvements. They bring in usability and quite a bit of eye candy (in a different way compared to compiz) while at the same time, a few features went missing in 3.0 release – like Emblems, for instance. Nevertheless, GNOME3 is a great release and has been […]

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HOWTO: Use APT without the Bloat

Today I would like to share a small tidbit with all the users of APT distros out there. One of the reasons Bodhi Linux is so light weight and snappy is because when I install all the base packages for Bodhi I install them with the minimal amount of extra dependencies. For whatever reason a good […]

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Google Code-in Update

For the first half of Google Code-in, we have more than 94 tasks for the students. Already over 53 have been done and around 12 are work in progress. By the end of the first phase, I really hope to see all these tasks done. Some of the most interesting tasks that have been done […]

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