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Coming back to Humanity, or getting Ubuntu 11.10 installed again

What is my overall impression of Ubuntu 11.10? I’d say it is not bad in general. It definitely got better and more user-friendly than Ubuntu 11.04. Yes, there are some points I still can’t get used to. But despite these facts I think I’ll keep Ubuntu 11.10 on my hard drive for some time. Maybe I’ll get used to new Unity interface and its features.

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Multimedia support for Scientific Linux 6, / RHEL 6

I just tried out Scientific Linux 6 on my home machine. Scientific Linux is a customized and unbranded Red Hat Enterprise Linux made by CERN and Fermilab. Therefore it’s very stable and made to work. But even for working it’s nice to play mp3 music oder view mpeg films.┬áTo do so you have to enable […]

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Debian KDE: Performance, Comfort and Stability

Debian KDE Live left very good impression on me. This Operating System is very responsive and quick, even when DVD operations are involved. Running from USB, it was a flash.

Debian KDE Live is very well suited system for user who wants to have powerful OS ready-to-use on any computer. It is well equipped with most instruments for everyday use which average user may need.

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Meeting the KDesktop from Alt Linux

What do you know about Russia? Vodka? Bears on the streets? Siberia? Any more stereotypes? Let me give you another one: Linux. Yes, Linux! There are people in Russia, there are computers in Russia, and of course there is Linux! I have written about at least 3 Russian Linux distributions already: Simply Linux, Alt Linux […]

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