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The BlogNotions Linux blog delivers a diverse series of perspectives from various Thought Leaders in the industry. Presented by NetLine, this forum allows IT enthusiasts to explore and learn about different Linux distributions such as Ubunto, Fedora, and OpenSUSE, and their personal experiences. Here you can find helpful information, ask questions, and collaborate freely.

Emmabuntus Debian Edition 1.0: the new story begins

Emmabuntus is no stranger to Linux notes from DarkDuck blog. I have reviewed this distribution several times and even interviewed their team member. All the previous versions of Emmabuntus were based on Xubuntu. But there was a new release recently, and Emmabuntus Debian Edition 1.0 saw the light. As you understand from the name, this […]

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The best review article by DarkDuck in 2016

This is the 2nd part of 2016 already. I have counted that there were 10 Linux reviews this year so far.What is your favourite? Let’s vote! CentOS 7 KDE Korora 23 KDE Ubuntu MATE 16.04 gNewSense 4.0 GNOME Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon ROSA Desktop Fresh R7 KDE Zorin OS 11 Core PC Linux OS 2016.03 […]

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Korora 23 – is it an alternative to Linux Mint?

Cinnamon is a desktop environment that is widely promoted by the Linux Mint team. Linux Mint Cinnamon is their flagship distribution. In its turn, Linux Mint is a leader in the world of Linux distributions, especially for the newbie-oriented part of it. Unfortunately, the recent release of Linux Mint 18 made things worse, and many […]

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New Blog: Enlightenment Through Open Source

Last week I posted that all official Bodhi announcements are going to be posted directly on the Bodhi site from now on. Today I am here to say that while blogger was a great starting platform for me to get started writing with, I am moving on. Starting today all of my other technology ramblings will […]

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Sager NP2740 Review – A Linux Powerhouse

When I buy a piece of hardware I generally use it until it becomes completely non-functional. Because of this, my old Sager laptop I bought five years ago was finally needing an upgrade so I set about doing research trying to find a replacement. I was looking for something powerful to stream some games on, but […]

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Introducing eepDater – GUI for Apt-Get Package Updates

One of the things I am working on for our Bodhi 3.0.0 release this summer is a simple GUI system update tool written in Elementary and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. Today I would like to share an early version of this tool I am calling eepDater (pronounced epp-date-er), which is written in python utilizing the […]

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